Welcome to Oskar's Website! Guinness World Record 17x17x17 cube

This is the website of Oskar van Deventer puzzle designer. Oskar lives in Leidschendam, the Netherlands. Born in 1965, started puzzle designing at the age of 12. Now more than fourty years later he has made hundreds of puzzle designs. Several are commercially available. But puzzle designing is not all that he does ......


Dr. M. Oskar van Deventer is senior scientist on media networking. He has
worked for the Dutch incumbent telco 1987-2003, and with the Dutch research
institute TNO since 2003. His focus is on the realization of international
standards, the most recent one about synchronization of video between a
smart TV and a tablet. Since 2015, his focus has been on blockchain
networking, teaching digital detectives about how criminals use bitcoin, and
developing a Dutch blockchain in a regional collaborative project. He has
won several international awards in the area of Mobile Gaming. He is (co)
author of one book, more than 150 publications, over 80 patents applications
and over 800 standardization contributions.


Oskar is married to José since 1998.


oskar and some of his designs
Oskar and some of his designs