Exchanges from Oskar

and Sjaak Griffioen
at IPP 34 London 2014


Star Beams

exchange of Oskar



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Star Beams is a put-together interlocking puzzle. The puzzle has six pentagram-shaped beams that are woven through each other. It was in 1989 that Oskar discovered this geometry. It is based the geometry of a regular dodecahedron (with twelve pentagonal faces). When each of the six axes is offset a bit, this nice tetrahedral geometry results. In 1989, Oskar made a cardboard prototype with pentagonal beams. In 2004, George Miller 3D-printed Oskar's Star Beams on his 3D printer. Now you can buy this limited-edition puzzle (3D-printed by Shapeways, and dyed and assembled by Oskar) at PuzzleMaster: http://www.puzzlemaster.ca/browse/inventors/oskar/7759-star-beams

exchange of Sjaak Griffioen

Fold-a-Cube is a folding puzzle. There are 18 challenges. Each of the challenges is a square sheet of plastic of 3x3 units with some cuts. The object of each challenge is to fold a complete cube with the correct pattern, e.g. a complete giraffe and crocodile.
The 18 patterns are the 18 principal ways into which a 3x3x3 sheet can be cut to fold a cube. The puzzle was inspired by a folding puzzle presented by Martin Gardner in the 1970’s.
Sjaak Griffioen and Oskar have been looking for a publisher of this puzzle for over a decade. Now the puzzle is published by Griffioen Design, and Sjaak Griffioen used the puzzle as his IPP exchange gift