Exchange from Oskar
at IPP 36 , Kyoto 2016


Bram's Magic

Bram's Magic was invented by Bram Cohen and developed in conjunction with Oskar van Deventer to create an amazing new type of twisty puzzle. 

It is a set of six balls.  Each ball has grooves that connect to two other balls ultimately making a loop.

The set of six can shapeshift in curious ways from the flat 2x3 shape to make a circle, a triangle, a hexagon, and more.  This results in the scrambling of the colour pattern.  

The object of the puzzle is to fold it back to a flat 2x3 shape with all white up and blue down.  

There are about five different shape-shifting moves, including the Astrolabacus move (a very rare twisty puzzle who's movement was patented by John Harris 1997) and a previously unknown rectangle-to-V move. 

Update: Since 2017 on the market by Think Fun