Valentine Gears

Valentine Gear Cube is an attractive Shapemod of Oskar’s Geary Cube.
The puzzle has gears inside, and it has many heart shapes.
It was David Pitcher who came up with the hearts theme.
It was Runchuan Lan of Lanlan who thought of combining the two concepts.
You can buy it at hknowstore.

Geary Cube

Geary Cube is based on an idea by Bram Cohen to hide gears inside a Rubik’s Cube in order to synchronise the rotation of opposite layers. A gears is hidden under each of the twelve edge pieces. This results in unexpected movement and a new solving experience. The puzzle is easier to solve than a classic Rubik’s Cube. The original version was 3D-printed by George Miller in 2009.

LanLan Gear 3x3 Hexagonal Dipyramid

LanLan Gear 3x3 Hexagonal Dipyramid is a shapemod of Gear Cube. The regular Gear Cube was designed by Oskar in 2009, and produced by Mefferts in 2010. LanLan has produced several shape mods of the Gear Cube, of which this Hexagonal Dipyramid was produced in 2017.

Crazy Comet

Crazy Comet is one of Oskar’s early twisty-puzzle designs. Now it is mass-produced by Lanlan, and available from e.g. KNnowstore ( Crazy Comet is an umodded, unbandaged version of Okamoto's Bevel Cube and Adam Cowan's Helicopter Cube. It is the smallest isometric twisty puzzle that "jumbles". According to the definition by Bram Cohen, a "jumbling twisty puzzle" is a non-doctrinaire twisty puzzle that cannot be unbandaged into a doctrinaire one. Got that?