Cubic Dissection

Cross Keys Maze

Cross Keys Maze is an exciting and VERY challenging put-together maze puzzle.
First released in laser cut MDF, this was James Dalgety's 2007 IPP Exchange Puzzle.

Six different Keymazes made of wood.

Key Maze Set was precision laser cut from 3mm walnut and maple veneer,
combined with a custom-crafted walnut dowel to reinforce the key.


2-in 1 in stainless steel

2-in-1 in stainless steel

2-in-1 is a puzzle where one needs to assemble 12 steel rods. The first challenge is to discover the target shape. The second challenge is to find which piece goes where for the assembly. Difficulty was added by making the rods round, instead of square, as in the original design.

Dutch Rings

Dutch Rings (this version made by Eric Fuller)
Another devious and difficult puzzle by Oskar van Deventer. Consisting of four interlocking rings, the goal is to configure them to make the loop shown below. This is far more difficult then it looks due to the unique design of the intersections and corners...many pieces flow around in multiple elbow bends, and there are plenty of false leads to follow on your path to the correct solution. This puzzle is perhaps as difficult and time consuming to make as it is to solve! Each piece is made with precision. Gluing the closed loops and subsequently sanding and finishing the puzzle without being able to separate the pieces makes it a very time intensive endeavor.


The Paperclip
With two possible solutions, the paperclips interlock to form a beautiful sculpture once solved. At 14 moves, finding the the solution to this work of art is no trivial task either. It is a very confusing and difficult puzzle to solve. Each piece is signed and dated.


Matchboxes (sold out)
Oskar's Matchboxes has always been one of my favorite designs. In terms of originality, interesting appearance and overall kickassness (yes I just made that word up) very few puzzles come close. Not only that, but it's fairly tricky to solve with only two solutions possible. This puzzle is constructed with primium quilted maple and various exotic hardwoods. It's a very time consuming puzzle to make, at least the way
I do it. The corners of all boxes and wrappers are reinforced with shoulder joints, and the bottom of each box is inset into a shouldered frame. The end result is a puzzle that looks small and fragile, but is in reality quite strong.