Hollow Cube

Hollow Cube was inspired by Katsuhiko Okamoto award-winning Void Cube.
The idea of this puzzle was to make a Rubik’s Cube with a minimalistic mechanism.
The puzzle is completely hollow inside, and so are its parts.
Produced by Mefferts and distributed by Recent Toys.

Gear Egg

Gear Egg is a new shapemod of Oskar’s already classic “Gear Cube” puzzle.
The Gear Egg has the same shape as the Mefferts Morph Egg.
The puzzle is rather confusing to solve, as it has no stickers,
so one needs to identify each of the pieces by their shape.

Pyraminx Diamond

Stickers in 4 or 8 colors.
Black or White.

Pyraminx Diamond is a shape
modification of a Rubik’s Cube that has
only centers and corners.
It is a variation to the Pyraminx Duo,
also known as Rob Pyraminx.

(black or white)

Gear Barrel is a shape
modification of Oskar’s Gear Cube

This shapemod was first made
by Benji Oliver in 2011

Geared Mixup

Another brilliant puzzle designed by Oskar,
which allows 1/4 turns and is one of the most
challenging puzzles ever made I was told.


Gear Cuboctahedron is a 10 faces schape mod based on Oskar's Iconic Gear cube.
It was developed by Benjy Oliver in 2011,
who presented it on his YouTube channel:

Pyraminx Duo

Pyraminx Duo was based on an idea by Rob Stegmann. Oskar spotted a Pyraminx-like puzzle on Rob's page that had only corners and centers, but no edges. Oskar developed a prototype of the puzzle, which is now produced as Pyraminx Duo. It can always be solved in four moves when it has plain stickers, and in seven moves with oriented stickers

David Gear Cube

This puzzle combines a corner-and-center- turning gear cube with a twisty 2x2x2 cube. Wheras it is easy to return the puzzle to its cubic shape, it is quite a challenge to get all gear segments to their right face, and even harder to solve the puzzle as a whole. This puzzle was inspired by the Gear Cube.

Gear Octahedron

Gear Octahedron is another shape-mod
of Oskar's Gear Cube

Gear Change in
Circle Stickers

Gear Change

In co-operations with

Tony Fischer

Gear Ball

Gear Ball is a shape-mod
of Oskar's Gear Cube

It even has a hanger so it can double as a valuable and unique Christmas tree ornament.

Jade Chopsticks

Jade Chopstick was designed by Ola Jansson and Oskar after Ola designed his famous 1x2x5 puzzle .Oskar took Ola's concept to the extreme and built unlucky twist a 1x2x13 . Mefferts brought it back to 1x2x9 and made a nice sculpted version.

Unlucky Twist

Gear Minx II

Gear Minx

Gear Minx is a shape-mod of Oskar's Gear Cube. The shape is called "dodecahedron". There are two versions, one with simple stickers and one with more complicated stickers


Gear Mastermorphix is another shape-mod of Oskar's Gear Cube.
This is a "pillowed" tetrahedron.

Treasure Chest

Based on the Gift Cube design. Gift Cube has a romantic history. Matthew Farnsworth commisioned the puzzle to hide a ring and to asked his girlfriend Mindy to get married. She said yes.
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The Gear Shift

The Gear Shift give a new twist or two to an old puzzle utilising eight rotating gears, which some might think it’s a definite step down from its previously release older brother the Gear Cube which had 12 gears they will be sorely mistaken.

Mosaic Cube
The Mosaic cube is a different twist on puzzling than we have ever brought you before. This puzzle makes simply stunning designs, and is a challenge to solve. Unlike any other puzzle we have produced before, it has a completely new core with eight arms connecting each of the corners. This allows for rotations never before seen in any of our previously released puzzles.
Mosaic Cube Mosaic Cube

Gear Cube


( Meffert's Puzzle Of the Year for 2010 )

Gear Cube


Gear Cube

The Gear-cube is a brand new concept in cube design and has the following inventive steps. Using a full gear mechanism that requires twelve turns to complete one rotation but having said this it is still slightly easier then the Rubik's cube, designed by M. Oskar van Deventer and inspired by a gearing idea by Bram Cohen, it was Meffert's Puzzle Of the Year for 2010. Placing the gears externally, so that their orientation can be seen, Adding gear teeth to the corner and edge pieces and using a new speed cube inner core. These steps result in a twisty puzzle that on the one hand has some of the features and attractiveness of the original Rubik's Cube. Whereas on the other hand it creates a completely new and unexpected solving experience.To summarize, the following aspects add to the attraction of Gear-Cube; A first solving reward is getting the puzzle to its cubic state. This is relatively easy. A second solving reward is getting the puzzle to a state where each face has only two colors (of opposite faces). This is a bit harder, but achievable for many people. Hardest is solving the puzzle as a whole, which is still easier than the original Rubik's Cube.