Think Fun

Moonspinner is a flat twisty puzzle, produced by Thinkfun. What make Moonspinner special, is its inside-out operation. Classic flat twisty puzzles like Engel’s Enigma have rotating circles with fixed axes. Moonspinner’s whole frame rotates while solving.

Tail Spin

Tail Spin started out as Oskar’s Geared Whiplash ( It is a Yo-Yo-type gearing contraption with no obvious use other than tactile amusement. It is a snake of gears, in which each segment drives the next segment. The shape can be curled up quite compactly. It gradually unrolls and when it is nearly fully unrolled, it sweeps around like the end of a whip, hence the name "Geared Whiplash". After the whipping, the contraption rolls up again and the sequence repeats. Thinkfun describes it as follows: Tail Spin is a delightfully fun toy perfect for mindful fidgeting. Simply flick your wrist and be dazzled by the intertwining gears. You have to see it to believe it!


Fidgitz is a puzzle by Bram Cohen and Oskar van Deventer, originally known as Bram’s Magic. Bram came up with the puzzle concept, Oskar developed the mechanism, and after several iterations it became a wonderful puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to fold and turn it to scramble the puzzle, and then try to solve it.


Daily Puzzle

Arrange the 10 tiles to make each day!

Daily Puzzle™ is a great warm up for the brain day after day, year after year. For a fun start to each day, challenge yourself and your friends to display the correct month and date. With a new puzzle each day, it’s 365 puzzles in one!

Made in corporation with Wei-Hwa Huang





Can you tip the crates to create a path to the red crate without touching the floor? This new mind challenging game takes 3-dimensional brainteasers to a whole new level. 40 Beginner-to-Expert challenges show you how to set up the grid with crates of different heights and your Tipper (red figure) assists you in the tipping. All you need to do is figure out the correct tipping sequence to reach your goal! (design by Jimmy Stephens, mechanism by Oskar van Deventer)