Jumble Prism and More Madness in a large variation
to the same theme and in different colors.
More Madness (Pyraminx)
More Madness is based on the geometry of a Triangular Di-pyramid. It feature some strange shape shifting, which Bram Cohen calls "jumbling", as well as overhang bandaging.
This makes the puzzle highly confusing to solve.
Jumble Prism
Jumble Prism is the second jumbling puzzle ever brought into existence (first was Helicopter Cube / Bevel Cube), and the first jumbling puzzle with non-platonic geometry. The puzzle can be considered the "godfather of all jumbling puzzles", as it has the most basic regular geometry for a twisty puzzle where all moves are jumbling moves. Bram Cohen invented this puzzle. He told Oskar about it at the beach of Surfer Paradise in Australia at the occasion of the International Puzzle Party, August 2007.
MF8 made a perfect mass-produced version of it.


Icosaix was designed and prototyped by Oskar in 2010. MF8 selected the puzzle and mass-produced the puzzle summer 2015. The MF8 version is significantly bigger than Oskar’s 3D-printed prototype and runs much more smoothly. Icosaix is a very special puzzle. It is the only face-turning platonic-solid twisty puzzle that jumbles. The resulting shape-changes make the puzzle highly confusing to solve.
The puzzle is for sale at HK Now Store