Bits and Pieces
Arch Burr

Arch Burr

Can you put together this strange double-knotted puzzle? The puzzle is quite confusing because of the curved pieces, which together form two non-conventional six-piece burrs.

Next Floor

Next Floor Ball Maze

Can you guide the metal ball from the first floor to the exit hole on the fourth level by rotating the maze. Not as easy at it appears. A dazzling multi-level maze designed by Oskar van Deventer. Made of laser cut wood.

Oskar's Cube

Oskar's Cube

The Oskar's cube is a three dimensional mechanical maze . The cube has a surprising number of possible configurations, with a minimum of 36 distinct slides required to move the metal star from one end of the maze to the other.


Master the maze of our tricky metal puzzle as you
maneuver the brass disk off the aluminum key.

Lucky Clover

It’s almost as difficult to take apart the four identically shaped pieces of this attractive two-toned metal brainteaser as it is to put together again. But with patience you just might solve this intriguing puzzle.

Big Wheel
is a mechanical maze puzzle. It was designed in 2001, and brought to market by Bits and Pieces in 2002 for a brief period of time. The object of the puzzle is to remove the red Big Wheel gear piece. The gear rolls over the black base, and it can rotate at some places. The gear has eleven teeth and two orientations. Moreover, it can be at ten different positions. So the maze has many possible states. The implicit maze is quite hard. It has many loops and no dead ends, except for the start position of course. The styling of the puzzle is inspired by the famous big wheel in Vienna, Austria, named ‘Prater’. This bat wheel is also colored red and it is suspended by relatively thin cables

is a mechanical hysteresis maze. It was designed in 1988, and brought to market by Bits and Pieces in the year 2000 for a brief period of time. The object of the puzzle is to pull the silver piston from the golden box. When the piston is moved, it pushes a little pin through the maze. The trick is to move back and forth at the right places. The puzzle can be easily reset from any position by just pushing the piston back in again.