Big Puzzles and specials

Puzzles made for special events to play with and specials


2017 Oskar's Maze made by Kirill Grebnev


Oskar visited George in his apartment in San Francisco in February 2014


This bronze lower part of George
Miller's coffee table is standing in his living room in San Francisco since 2012. The table is based on Oskar's Puzzle candy-wrapper which was
Nick Baxter's IPP exchange in 2008
(photo below)

Nick Baxter's exchange

watch video candywrapper here

In 2014 Oskar made a smaller version of the big table available in his Shapeways Shop called George's Table

watch video George's Table here


Oskar holding a big Anti Virus made by Smart Games (2013)


Above a big keymaze and below a big Oskar's Cube at an exhibition in Kerkrade Netherlands 2011/2012


2008 Topsy Turvy: more info on our Laser Exact page or play the video


Jukebox hanging in the new Science Center 2011

2006: Chris Morgan playing the Jukebox
at the (old) Science Center in Delft

Jukebox is a coin sorting puzzle. Insert the red and green coins such that all red coins end up left and the green coins right.

Connectivity is the world's first 3D-printed outside puzzle sculpture. The object is to get the five copper-colored rings through the maze to the pole on top. Connectivity was built for the occasion of the opening of the TNO headquarters in Delft, August 2005.


In 2003, Wim Zwaan of the Netherlands made a couple of big keymazes


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