Photos of Oskar with some

famous (puzzle) people


Oskar and Erno Rubik
with Ernő Rubik
 (click here for the video)

Oskar and Nob Yoshigahara

with Nob Yoshigahara (Nob died in 2004)

Oskar and jerry Slocum
with Jerry Slocum
Oskar and Akio Kamei
with Akio Kamei (on the right)

with Professor Willem van der Poel

with James Dalgety of

Oskar and Robert Reed
with Robert Reed
Oskar and Donald Knuth
with Donald Knuth
Oskar and George Miller
with George Miller

with Bram Cohen

with Uwe Meffert

Oskar and Roger Penrosewith Roger Penrose

Oskar and Panayotis Verdes
with Panayotis Verdes

with Will Shortz

with Lennart Green

with Sol Golomb

with Raf Peeters and Rolf Vandoren
of Smart Games.

with Guido Lap of Recent Toys

with Stuart Landsborough,
founder of Puzzling World, New Sealand

with Bill Richie (Think Fun)

with Vesa Timonen

with Mats Valk (Dutch Puzzle Champion)
and R
oxanne Wong

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