Exchanges from IPP 22, Antwerp 2002

exchange from Oskar but also from 5 other people who used oskar's designs


This puzzle is the predecessor of the Hedgehog Escape


This puzzle was renamed in O'Gear and made in metal by Hanayama

This puzzle kept his name and is now for sale at Recent Toys
GGG or 1,5 horses
This puzzle is now called Chain and made by Hanayama
It looks a bit different but this puzzle is the same as Hanayama's L'oeuf
Big Wheel
This was already a commercial item made by Bits & Pieces


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IPP10, London 1989

IPP11, Culver City 1991

IPP12, Tokyo 1992

IPP13, Breukelen 1993

IPP14, Seatlle 1994

IPP15, Tokyo 1995
IPP16, Luxembourg 1996
IPP17, San Francisco 1997
IPP18, Tokyo 1998
IPP19, London 1999
IPP20, Los Angeles 2000
IPP21, Tokyo 2001
IPP22, Antwerp 2002
IPP23, Chicago 2003
IPP24, Tokyo 2004
IPP25, Helsinki 2005
IPP26, Boston 2006
IPP27, Gold Coast 2007
IPP28, Praque 2008
IPP29,San Francisco 2009

IPP30, Osaka 2010
IPP31, Berlin 2011
IPP32, Washington 2012
IPP33, Narita 2013
IPP34, London 2014
IPP35, Ottawa 2015
IPP36, Kyoto 2016
IPP37, Paris 2017

IPP38, San Diego 2018

IPP39, Kanazawa 2019